This Friday, July 26, we will host session #6 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.  The topic is how you assess the attractiveness of the region- ASEAN or Africa?  At this event, we will have several CEMS students who have spent some time doing the project for the Japanese client at KMD join our discussion AND some Japanese (and non Japanese, hopefully) working in Africa joining us online.  (Some have difficulty/uncertainty regarding the telecommunication, so we may not be able to do google hangout with them all.)  One of the participants from GAS went to Egypt after the series and now is studying there.

You can think of the criteria to choose the region for investment from company, from NPO  or from the government perspectives.  You can also make it your own choice by asking “which area will I go to explore between the two regions known for high growth potential?”  If YOU are going, you may think about the potential as well as quality of life there.

Why not join us for the “hot” discussion against the brutal weather of Tokyo!  It is always better to beat the heat with the  hot stuff!  It is always good to meet and interact with people with similar ambitions and goals. Networking reception is scheduled after the session.   (In fact, it is my most heartfelt pleasure to see the new couple just married from GAS 2010!)

Join us this Friday by registering through our site. You can follow the link either in English or in Japanese to register. See you there!