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I attended the webinar on 5G from Israel this afternoon. I signed up for it, but almost forgot about it until I received a reminder this afternoon.. I have attended a few other webinars featuring Israel technology and start up in the past on cyber security and digital health.  Five start ups presented their technology and what they expect to do in Japan.  As the target was clearly Japanese companies this time, (thanks to the support by the Israel embassy in Tokyo), I have found it most relevant.  (Some webinars I attended consisted of start-ups explaining their technology without reference to application in Japan, which left me the impression whether they follow basics of presentation (Identify your target audience and tailor your message to them.)

This session was quite useful for me as I found info. related to the Japan whether it is for marketing and/or investment. The five start ups are:

Runel   Tetavi  Texe Visiblezone  

Among the five companies, i found the last one, most interesting, particularly in relation to Covid-19.  Their concept is to capture vital health signs with software, using smartphone, without any additional device.  I would be interested in their application if it becomes available soon.

The webinar continues tomorrow, May 27,  too, with more startups. I will make sure I will listen/watch.  I am grateful to Israel Embassy, JETRO etc. who organized this event.

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