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Two days have passed since we hosted #59 of Davos Experience in Tokyo at 100BANCH, and thus, not so quick report. But here is what we covered on Friday, June 15.
It was the first time we held the event at 100BANCH, which is a very exciting venue. Despite the rain, many people came to hear about “gig economy” and two projects of 100BANCH.
After I began the session with short remarks on gig economy and asked the participants about what they would do if gig economy becomes the main stream, I introduced two guest speakers- David Corbin of Tech in Asia and Benjamin Boas,official Cool Japan ambassador among other things. They discussed the landscape of gig economy in Japan as well as in Asia and took some questions. After very interactive session with them, two representatives of the projects at 100 BANCH presented their concept etc.
Then breakout brainstorming began with three groups working on two 100BANCH projects and 3 on how to make gig economy more active in Japan. After about 45-min. discussion, the groups reported back. For two 100BANCH projects, many specific questions they could think more are raised. For gig economy, I thought discussion covered areas well, such as connecting target groups. We could have spent more time discussing more specific actions to make them happen.
I felt the comments by the two guests at the end were very helpful and valuable. They were “talk to many people about your idea/concept as they help moving the projects forward.”  In particular, talk to the potential users and collaborators would help a lot.

After that, we had networking until almost 11 o’clock.  We are grateful to the people at 100BANCH and hope we could have more of this type of events there, in the future.  To those who came despite the rain, thank YOU and hope you will join us again in July.

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