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Following the quick report post earlier, here is the short video of the session on Blockchain at #57 of Davos Experience in Tokyo held on Friday, April 13. After the talk by the two guest speakers, we spent considerable time for questions from the participants. (Blockchain is quite difficult concept/mechanism and thus we wanted to exhaust questions participants had.)
After Q & A, we formed groups of 5 or 6 and discussed possible application of this concept/mechanism. One group had a very interesting idea of using the mechanism for arranged marriage/dating. I asked whether blockchain makes it difficult to change after the fact might be a bit of a problem in our private life. Anyway, it is always good to apply concept/mechanism we learn to practical, specific cases.
The session was followed by networking with beer and other drinks with snack. I interviews two people who came for the first time.
From these two short video clips, you can get the feel for Davos… in Tokyo session. I will inform details of our next session on May 11 at Philips, soon. So stay tuned.

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