Two days ago, on January 26, we hosted #55 of Davos Experience in Tokyo as informed yesterday. Here is how we proceeded with the session.
It was a small group of some 15-20 people, so we decided to make it very informal and casual in one group. (We even started having drinks and food while discussing.)
Unfortunately, the speech by President Trump was scheduled much later, and I showed a brief video of interview for the UK media. We saw briefly the vide of interview of CEO of Google, Sandar who talked about AI, followed by discussion on inequality and AI among us.
We watched Jack Ma’s interview for some time as he had many very interesting things to say. Discussion on IQ, EQ and LQ was very lively. You can see his top quotes here.

Here is a short video with voice over in English. You can get the sense of our small, but informal and casual session.