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April 3 was the day that MLK was assassinated in Memphis. Many special programs and shows were produced and post on English news. Hearing many people whose life was very much impacted by MLK’s activity and his assassination, I could not help thinking whether we have changed for better.
It was the year before I went to the US as exchange student for the first time, and I recall vividly the energy by the young people to do something about it. With the movement by high school students in Florida about gun control so recent, I hear many wonder whether anything has changed by the civil rights movement etc.
What I found interesting was a commentary about how strategic and well MLK used media then to get momentum. As I hear the famous “I have a dream speech” and “Go up to the mountain”speech on the day he was assassinated many times in the past few days, I feel how you get your message across to many people so that they move to take an action using different media is critical to bring about change.
Now it is social media to play that role, as we see clearly from the high school students. At the same time, we need to give serious thoughts to the use of data, judging from the facebook/Cambridge analytic case now under scrutiny.

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