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ISClogo_whiteOn May 7 and 8, St.Gallen Symposium was held in St. Gallen. I had participated in the Symposium several times in the past, but this year I was in New York, attending another conference WCD Global Institute. St. Gallen Symposium is one of my favorite symposiums as it is planned, operated by the students.
Looking at the programme and the speakers, it seems that St.Gallen Symposium 2015 was a great success. I am delighted that we had two speakers- James Kondo of Twitter (and good friend of mine) and Miku Hirano (very impressive young entrepreneur I met at Women’s Initiative Forum last year).
I am sure exciting and stimulating discussion took place there. Here is the link to the programme. You can check list of great speakers, too. (I had hoped that they had webcast or video archive by now, but it does not seem that way yet.)

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