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Yesterday, we hosted #45 of Davos Experience in Tokyo at Wilson Learning Worldwide, as I wrote yesterday. Below is the short video (some 2 minutes) explaining how we proceeded.
As it was the first Premium Friday yesterday, I asked participants how they like/do not like it and to share their views with their neighbours.
Then I explained how I spent the past four days in detail and how I tried to make use of idle time in between meetings. (I do not have office of my own and sometimes have idle time.) I asked all participants to write how they spent time past week. I explained why we want to focus on time in the midst of campaign for Work Style Reform by Abe Administration. All of us have 24 hours and how spend/make time makes a big difference in our lifestyle and probably happiness.
After they recorded how they spent time, they began discussion in small breakout groups. At the end, we had group photo and the session ended. (Video showing the general discussion after small breakout sessions will be reported tomorrow! Stay tuned.)

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