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 I came to Davos, Switzerland, yesterday, January 25 to participate in the 41st Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum.  The flight to Zurich was smooth and we arrived at Davos early evening.  After registration (without this, you cannot get to any place because of the heavy security), I checked in at the hotel and rushed to the welcome reception at the Congress Center.  I ran into several people that I know quite well and it was very nice.

  I then went on to the reception hosted by HCL, Indian company, to meet with more people I know.  (and enjoyed the Indian food!)   It was a long day (with the time difference of 8 hours from Tokyo!) but I sensed the excitement of the meeting.

  This morning I had an intention to walk to the  hotel where the breakfast meeting is held at 7:00 a.m.  My plan had to be revised as we had much snow last night and it was almost impossible to walk (it was estimatet to take 30 minutes or so.)  I ended up taking the bus, but I started talking with  a free-lance photographer who lives in the area while waiting for the bus.  It is this type of encounter that makes the event even more fun.

  The breakfast meeting was hosted by Manpower and CNBC and entitled “Enter Human Age.”  It was interesting (though “civil” according to one of the panelists) as the first event of the day.  I will be participating in the ideas lab and other sessions today, ending around 10:00 p.m.  It will be a long day, but quite stimulating.   More to come.

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