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As we are entering the last month of the year 2019, I wonder whether we are ready for the year 2020.  I see quite a few reports/articles discussing the outlook for the year 2020, in particular, what we can expect for Japan and us as the year 2020 could be a epoch year with Olympics and Para Olympics. The year 2019 was significant as the New Emperor and Empress finished almost all the ceremonies for their enthronement and the era of Reiwa began.

Though I am excited about the new year, I cannot but wonder whether this country will ever change.  I had coffee with friend who came from DC this morning (she comes almost every year) and she told me that she has not seen much change.  Though the city looks somewhat different, the mentality and mindset does not seem to have changed that much, particularly in the context of rest of the world that is moving so fast.

The passing of the former Prime Minister Nakasone at the age of 101 today and that of Mrs. Ogata, a few weeks ago, makes me realize that these are disruptive innovators of the era, as they brought about transformation in their own area and with their own actions.   We discuss disruption often these days, but disruptions do happen when we become free from the conventional mindset and fixed thinking.  I wonder whether we are ready for disruption ourselves.

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