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I got up before 5 am this morning to pack. (As I go to the board meeting straight from the airport, I needed to think through what to pack where!) As thunderstorm was forecast for Florence, I tried to get to the station (very close, but with suitcases, I decided to take a long route) when rain was light.  The train from Florence to Milano is very nice (as last time) and I ended up sitting at the single seat by the window.  (Now I know people-couples or families- ask you to change seat)  I saw the beautiful rainbow as we came close to Milano & tried to take a photo, but no luck.

Despite the forecast of storm in Milano, my train was delayed just by 5 minutes to arrive at Milano. (The next train was delayed by an hour!) I then took the train to Malpensa airport and now relaxing at the Alitalia lounge.

Though I do not know how I feel when I go back home (I often find myself to be ready for another trip), I feel I am a bit tired of travel for now.  As I come to think of it, I was in British Columbia in July/August, went to NYC and Tianjin in September back to back, and again NYC and Italy (with three days in Tokyo!)  Probably due to the climate change, the weather pattern in these places have been quite erratic. British Columbia suffered from heavy smoke from forest fire in August, New York went from summer to winter in a few days, etc.  Thunderstorm and heavy rain in Milano and Firenze. Crazy weather has made it difficult to decide what clothes to bring. In fact, I had to buy sweater and scarf in Italy.

In a way, I am glad that I have no overseas trips scheduled in the month of November.  I will enjoy nice crisp weather in Tokyo (hopefully) for a while.

I am now back in Tokyo. I came back little before noon on Wednesday, October 31. Joined the board meeting by phone, and at the office.  I also had another meeting there. I will write more tomorrow.

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