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After having 4+ hour sleep this morning (I managed to finish setting up my original site for online tech training taking 3-4 hours late last night), I went to exercise class called 3S-Sweat, strength and stability.  It is usually not so tough class, but tis morning with instructor who took over this class, it was one of the hardest.

I then decided to prepare for seminar/talk scheduled at the end of this month in Tokyo.  (Until now, I was so consumed with online-tech training after a week in Tokyo). I checked several materials online and started thinking about my message and story.  (It still needs a lot of work, which I will do some more days.)

I then decided to go to play 5 holes of golf, as I have quite a few things scheduled next week and I wanted to make the best of sunny days.  I played with the couple from Germany (who spend summer in Whistler) and the couple from the US (I missed where they are from, as I joined them right before we started playing.)  I played better and enjoyed the company. (probably I am better when I am tired…)

It was quite warm and I needed to drink so much water while walking on the course. We finished in 1.5 hours and I came back.  I finished the day with nice dinner I cooked-arugula/avocado/mushroom salad and chicken red curry, with fruit flavored beer.  It is still quite warm and without air conditioner, it may be a bit difficult to have nice relaxing sleep!

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