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IMG_9662IMG_9666Tonight (April 22), we hosted #36 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. As April is the month many people start the new job, get transferred, and/or change jobs in Japan, we decided to address the issue of a variety of career options.
Our guest is Casey Wahl who wrote a book entitled “The Quiet Comeback”, a collection of stories of Japanese entrepreneurs. He explained how recruiting industry in Japan is broken, compared/contrasted the start-up eco systems in Silicon Valley and in Japan and asked for ideas for his movie.
Now the breakout sessions are underway in 8 groups for 4 different topics. We have large number of people who are deep into discussion.
After about 50 minutes or so, we will have report back from each group, followed by networking session. As we have quite a few first time participants, I hope to talk with them (probably not all?) during the networking session.

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