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Today I drove to the golf shop about 10 miles away in the pouring rain. The drive was a bit of challenge as I was NOT quite sure about the directions to get there and because of rain.

I ended up finding the place without any problem and got three things  I wanted get done. It was all related to golf. The first is the putter, the second is my glove, and the third is golf balls.

As I did not play golf for a year due to my lower back pain, the grip of my putter went wild! I did not check it before I left Tokyo (I just brought the bag without checking the inside!) and when I tried to play, my putter was all sticky as rubber grip? started melting?

As my putter was all rusty & sticky with rubber, my glove got all dirty. In addition, I did not have too many golf balls and almost ran out of it when I played 9 holes yesterday.

On the first day of golf, I had asked the staff at the pro shop whether they could re-grip, but they were not able to help me. So I tried another golf pro shop today and asked where I could get it re-gripped.  They told me about the golf shop about 10 miles away, and gave me directions. (Direction was given in such a way that they assumed that I know the area.)

So I decided to go right away, as I did not want to wait any longer.  The drive to the golf shop 10 miles away solved all three problems of mine and even gave me a bonus.

I got my putter re-gripped there (it feels wonderful now), got a new glove and 2 boxes of golf balls (both on sale). In addition, I bought hybrid club which I always wanted. So it was 3+1 birds with one stone!  My Christmas present to myself!

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