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I spent last two days in NYC, going to two concerts and one show. I had bought ticket to the show, Once the Musical in advance, as it was suggested by my friend in Tokyo who is in performing arts business. Then I got a note from NY Phil about the special discount ticket to the matinee on the same day.  Why not? I said to myself.

So I ended up going to one concert at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, listening to the piece from the Bassarids by Hans Werner HENZE and Symphony in C Major, Great by SCHUBERT, conducted by Christoph von Dohnanyi.  I have never heard of either one of the pieces and it was the first time I heard Dohnanyi conducting.

That night, I went to see the show, Once the Musical, which had opened off Broadway, and moved to Broadway recently.  The show was very warm, inspiring and magnificently directed.  I missed quite a bit of expressions regarding the Irish and the Cheques, but music and the story was beautiful.

yatcarnegi120324The last evening in NYC was spent for Orpheus Chamber Orchestra concert at Carnegie Hall.  I have known Orpheus since many years ago from our involvement of doing leadership workshop with them when they were in Tokyo.  I made it a rule to go to their concert at Carnegie Hall (or in Tokyo) if it coincides with my visit to NYC.  I was very fortunate this time, as the concert was scheduled for the last evening I spent in NYC.

The performance was wonderful.  I love strings, and find them very sensuous.  I loved Bernstein and Copland pieces.  Mandolin by Chris Thile was magnificent.  I hear that he is the artist who transcends traditional boundaries of music such as folk, bluegrass, jazz and classical.  What a great talent!

So two concerts and one show on the last two days in NYC.  What a luxurious way to spend time in NYC!  I thoroughly enjoyed my stay!

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