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During my visit in NYC, I went to three shows. The first was War Horse at Lincoln Center Theater on the day I arrived, followed by Spider-Man Turn off the Dark (matinee) and Anything Goes tonight.  Each one was very impressive in its own right, as they are very different types of shows.

War Horse was very innovative in that the way the three men acted as a horse which looks like the real thing!   As I passed by the Central Park, I could not but watch how the real horse moves and looks!  The War Horse has a very nice story of the family, friendship between the young man and the horse,  many events during the war in the very innovative stage setting.  I do like the Lincoln Center Theater and it was definitely worth seeing.  (I have heard from many people that it was THE show to see this season.)

Spider-Man Turn off the Dark was also very impressive.  I have seen the movie and also have heard so much about the show whose opening kept being postponed, with many injuries of the cast etc.  Its story was very simple, nothing like War Horse in its depth, and yet, the stage setting and the way Spider-Man flies around over your head is amazing. (I recalled Kabuki play where the main actor flies.  But Spider-Man is twenty times more in his flight AND I saw some 10 Spider-Man who do the flying etc.)

The last was the show, Anything Goes. It was a  fun musical show which makes you laugh so many times, makes you feel good and happy at the end.  Actors were superb, in particular, I thought Sutton Foster was magnificent.  She is SO GOOD that you cannot but respect her talent and effort.

I was hoping to see Joel Grey, but it seemed that he already left the show and replaced by Mark Ledbetter. I felt that the role was probably better performed by somebody like Mark than Joel.

So I saw three excellent, but very different shows during my 5-day  stay in NYC.  It is wonderful that you can go to many different shows in the area.  (I love the fact that you can walk back to the hotel after you see the show! It was too cold to do so tonight, but usually I do. )

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