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Today is October 1. The impact of consumption tax increase to 10% has been the hot topic of the day in Japan.  I saw long lines of people trying to buy train pass at the stations before it goes up.  I myself regret that I should have planned better so that I buy some electronic products before the D day (which I did not.)

As it is the first day of the third last month (not sure whether this is the right expression) of the year 2019, we may want to plan how we want to spend the rest of 2019.  It may be a good time to reflect our activities so far and figure out whether we are making progress according to our plan at the beginning of the year.

I have been so busy in the past 10 days or so with many events and now am in the process of planning the rest of the year.  As this year has been full of unusual events (which are still taking place at many parts of the world), some may say there is no point of making a plan.  However, it may be a good timing for us to review our past 9 months and think of the rest of 2019, as I believe the year 2020 will be a significant year for Japan and probably for the world.  Are you ready? (I am asking myself, too…)

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