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On Saturday, July 27, we had the session #3 of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS)2019 at Roppongi Academy Hills.  This year’s theme is “Working across differences” and each participant was asked to write one-page paper about findings/takeaways from the experiment each participant was to do, based upon the book assigned “Collaborating with enemy” by Adam Kahen.

The topic of the assignment was “Pick the person whom you think ‘your enemy’ and take some action so that you can accomplish something jointly.    I reviewed the reports and could tell that majority of participants had a hard time, picking up the enemy, taking some action for future collaboration and identifying the  take away.  We asked 6 people to present their findings, followed by discussion in small groups.

After the presentation and Q & A,  we began the latter half of the session with Mr. Tanaka, executive producer and the secretary of the Japan Prize. We watched excerpts from the video under the guidance by Mr. Tanaka.  I was very impressed with variety of topics covered and approach.  After each video clip, we had general discussion about their reactions.  After the showing of two video clips,  group of 5-6  selected one of the two and discussed broad and complex issues of differences/discrimination/lack of inclusion etc.

Participants arranged the informal get together afterwards at nearby restaurant.  I joined them and enjoyed talking with them.  I left before I collapsed! (I had seminars back to back with trip to Fukuoka in extreme weather.)    I will have 1.5 more days and leave for British Columbia.

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