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January of the year is usually my health check month.  I arrange annual medical check up (half day with many tests) and tests for my pancreas- one major test, MRI and doctor’s appointment. I finished annual medical check up this morning and thus I go 3 down, 1 more to go.  Going through 4 within several weeks is quite tiring, and yet, I feel it is important for me to keep eyes on my health status.  I go to the same clinic for all of these so that I can follow the progress/changes.

Today was the big day as annual medical requires some preparation and takes a few hours to finish.  It appears that many people are much more conscious about their health (probably due to Covid-19), reservations were harder this year.  (I had to wait almost 1.5 months to find the day that is open which fits my own schedule.)

I was one of the first as my appointment was at 8:40 (they open at 8:30 am I believe) and it was not too crowded when I started.  By 10 am or so, it was packed!  I have never seen so many people there.  Precautions for Covid-19 such as mask and social distancing etc. make it quite challenging to do medical check up.  I felt I was fortunate that the medical check up was still available despite the emergency status declaration.  I am relieved that it is over.  (No immediate issues were there, though my final report is not available until 3 weeks later!)

Now I can concentrate on paper writing!  (I realize many things such as series of health check up in the past several weeks, and war-zone like status in Washington DC I see with worry for  possible violence next week and on, as well as rapid spread of Covid-19  in Japan, .have made me feel nervous and distracted.)  I am relieved  that  some of my worries are almost gone.

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