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These past three days saw series of meetings with students (5 in total), meetings for seminars (3 in total), board meeting, meeting with company executives, and 3 seminars–2 for little over 2 hours each and 1 for the full day.   I feel that all of them were productive, quite efficient, inspiring and time well spent.

At the same time, as I saw so many new people (probably over 300 or more) in three days, I am a bit overwhelmed.  Many faces look familiar, but I could not place them and had to ask.    I also need some time to reflect.  (I usually do the reflection the next day or even right after the event, but this time, it feels a bit too much.)

I will write about each of them in the coming weeks, and/or probably compare/contrast them to draw some insight. So stay tuned.  As a matter of fact,  I will do a workshop with hundreds of high school students, tomorrow, Sunday.

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