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After the day of moderating the session and good solid sleep, the second (and final) day of Summer Davos began.  I wanted to make the best of the opportunity, and was fortunate to go back to the usual Forum style of meeting and talking with people.

It went like this. As I sat down for breakfast, I started talking with a lady, who turned out to be Artificial Intelligence  expert.  It was the first time for her to be at Summer Davos and we talked about other conferences she has been involved in on AI.  Then another gentleman, expert on governance of AI joined.  We started talking and I had fun. (We talked about retired life, 100 year life, etc. etc.)  I felt I got back to the easy communication mode (probably I needed some rest before I am ready to make the best of the Summer Davos.) and started enjoying the last day.

I went to the Workstudio session on Corporate Agility which was quite interesting.  I felt that the I have heard similar discussion at other places, but it was nice summary, from both established companies and start-ups.

As this is the last day, I replied to many notes I had received to decide on time and place to meet.    I managed to meet with my Swiss friend who is now based in Shanghai, discussed new idea of combining future of work with gender parity with WEF staff, and met with the German start-up representative on learning management. I saw Masaki Takao I had interviewed the other day and who would be on the panel on SINCA Launch day on September 29 briefly.

Closing plenary gave me the first opportunity to go to Studio (I had tried to go to Jack Ma’s session held there, but missed it.) Closing performance with visual and voice  was very interesting.

Now I am back at the hotel and  plan to spend the rest of the day (I am leaving early tomorrow morning), catching up with other things. After all, I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to come to Summer Davos.  It recall how exhaustive AND how exciting/inspiring the Forum events are.

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