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 The 2nd day of the Summer Davos in Dalian began with breakfast meeting on Future of Japan.  Then I went to the ideaslab with Scientists; RechargingScience in Society.  It was very interesting session as four scientists discussed issues such as science literacy, role of social media, matching science to society’s challenges and technology needed for sustainability. 

  I was particularly interested in the initiative in Canada for dialogue with politicians to improve science literacy, as I thought we have the same issue in Japan.  I joined that group and got engaged in a very lively discussion.  Then I was called not only to join another group (which was very small), but also to report back the  discussion!  The topic was the development of the Antarctic which was quite overwhelming.  Discussion of all the groups were very interesting and I managed to serve as the reporter! 

  Then I joined the Interactive session entitled “New Solutions: Resource Scarcity” held at Beta Zone. Beta Zone is relatively new format in which each presenter presents the idea in 3 minutes with 3 slides only.  The issues were marine reserves, forest scarcity, mining of valuable resources from garbage, energy-efficient buildings and water distribution.  The session was interactive in a sense that the questions were asked from the audience, but I like more active engagement of ideaslab and Workspace sessions.

  At this type of conference, we meet with people while in the bus to the venue, over lunch, etc., and today was no exception.  I began talking with a lady from South Africa who turned out to be a moderator of the session I had planned to go on crisis communication.   Right before the session, I talked with Nick Gowing of BBC whom I know and we got into an interesting discussion on media, communication etc.  His view of the media/communication in new environment is very insightful and the one I totally agree.  Even after the session, we kept talking. 

  The last session for the second day was the Workspace session on Managing Hyperconnectivity.  I was late for the session, but joined the group on political system & governance.  It was another exciting and engaging session with many interesting people.  I ended up reporting back the discussion of our group!   After two rounds of interactive sessions and report back assignment, I was quite exhausted.  The second day ended with the Cultural Soiree.  As always, it feels as if the Forum  has been going on for a week instead of two days and full of intellectual stimulation and fun.

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