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The fun part of the WKF for me was to get to know people that you do panel with,  to meet with new people (though we are not doing anything together) with interesting background, and to find out new things.

09wkfGOF4In the case of the 10th WKF, I had a lot of fun with four people I did the panel with “CEO and Humanities background” as I was fortunate enough to sit at the same table with some of them over lunch and/or dinner.

I found out more about the World Cup in South Africa (Peter Sullivan is based in South Africa),  about the customer profile of MOMA and new initiatives (from Peter Reed),  about the organization focusing on emerging economies (HORASIS from Frank-Jurgen Richter) and more about Machiavelli (from Akihiko Tanaka) among other things.  I also learned quite about Blackberry and tweeter etc. etc.  from the person I sat across at the dinner table.   It is this type of  interaction that makes WKF and other conferences of this kind interesting and exciting to me.

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