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Two-day workshop entitled “Building Inclusive & Dynamic Economies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” finished this afternoon.  This is organized by the Center for the New Economy and Society of the World Economic Forum. The mission of this Center is to “provide leaders with a platform to understand and anticipate emerging economic and social trends and to adapt policies and practices to our rapidly evolving context.”   This particular workshop is the attempt to integrate several System initiatives, one of which was the System Initiative on the Future of Education, Gender and Work.

As I had planned to be in NYC, I came pretty much straight to the venue after I arrived at JFK yesterday morning.  Yesterday, we focused on industry outlook on talent and shared vision for talent.  For industry outlook, four industries were selected-consumer, aerospace, aviation, travel and tourism and financial services.  As I missed the first part of the discussion, I was a bit lost, but got the summary that cross industry coordination would be needed to address declining jobs/emerging jobs in each of the industries.

I found the afternoon session quite interesting, as we concluded that we need skill-based hiring, promotion etc. as new way of thinking about labor market. i.e. skills is the new currency of the labor market. We also concluded that we need common taxonomy for skills. We realize both of these are quite challenging, but worth the effort.

Today, we took much broader view and discussed four topics-namely  1)how we rethink economic value and welfare 2) job creation strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution 3) Alternative Business Models for the Platform Economy and 4) Rethinking social safety net in the 4IR. We did 2 breakout sessions and report back, further dividing the four major items.  I joined the 2) group and found discussion very interesting.  In the latter half of the breakout session of alternative business models, the discussion stayed quite abstract and I had a hard time keeping up.   I was naturally quite tired (particularly yesterday, as I came straight) but found most of the discussions very helpful and interesting. I believe we will continue working on these four topics for a few months and probably develop paper which is easy to follow.

I met with several old friends and met with new people.  I heard about the specific project combining technology and inclusiveness and will find out more by contacting the people in charge.

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