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winners Yesterday, August 31, I went to Kyoto to attend the first Nagamori Awards Ceremony. Mr. Shigenobu Nagamori, founder and CEO of Nidec, is one of the business leaders I respect very much. (I often write about him on my column, book etc.)
I have been familiar with other awards in Kyoto such as Kyoto award by Inamori Foundation and Masao Horiba Award by Horiba Group. I went to attend Nagamori awards ceremony just out of curiosity. (I am no engineer and have little idea as to what research of the six winners are all about!)
I found out that the reason for starting this award is to encourage more researchers of motors. According to Mr. Nagamori, motors will become such critical component of a variety of industries AND it consumes close to 50% of the electricity generated throughout the world. If research could identify the approach to improve its efficiency, the energy issue we are now faced could be resolved. However, the number of researchers in this field has been declining, probably due to the “seemingly exciting” field of IT etc.
IMG_6925Mr. Nagamori is known for setting up such an ambitious goal and makes every effort to achieve it. Yesterday at the ceremony, he was as energetic as always and his passion and dedication is contagious. He is the type of person that speaks his mind and I love his style.
Though I understood little of what the research was all about, just listening to his exciting speech with sense of humor was worth the 5-hour-round trip to Kyoto.  I briefly talked with Mr. Nagamori at reception and also met with some people I have met at Dr. Horiba’s party.  It was fun Sunday afternoon.

I hear that Nagamori awards will continue and I hope more people will apply in the future to make sure that R & D in the field of motors will accelerate.

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