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Arriving before 5:00 a.m. Monday morning & taking a nap for few hours, I began my first day at the Summit on the Global Agenda which began at full swing in Dubai.  We began with the private workshop for Chairs & Vice Chairs of the councils, in a big brainstorming sessions.  It was a good opportunity to share our experiences of Skills & Talent Mobility Council with other members, in managing the council.  I learned a lot from other members as well.

We then had a small meeting with those of our Council on Education & Skills to decide on the procedures and objectives of today’s session.   I then attended the Plenary session entitled “Global Governance Outlook”.   Remarks were made by Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK,Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Pascal Lamy of WTO and the session was moderated by Nik Gowing of BBC.  Tweet and e-mails were encouraged and I tweeted a few comments.

Then the main activity of Council meeting began.  Within the three hours, each one of us talked about our background and expertise,  and expressed some ideas we wanted to share/implement.

I was very impressed by  the extensive knowledge and  experience of the members and got very excited about what we could do in this council.   Then  we had joint session with the Council  on Future of Universities where we had people engaged in education innovation such as Coursera and Minerva.

Last item on today’s schedule was Global Agenda Councils Circle Reception where I saw familiar faces such as Professor Klaus Schwab, W. Lee  Howell, Martina Gmur of  WEF among others.  I had very interesting discussion with John Maeda about support for leadership with  completely new approach.

It feels (as always) I have spent a few days already, as I learned many new exciting things and met with new people (I sat next to Linda Gratton of London Business School over lunch, together with Jody Heymann, and we talked about Linda’s new book which was translated into Japanese and selling very well.)  This is another exciting part of the GAC!

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