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Today (November 18) started with committee meeting at the company where I serve as external director at 8:30.  It was scheduled to be 1.5 hours, and I had to ask to arrange a car as my next appointment was at 11:00 at the embassy I have never been.  It turned out the first meeting finished in an hour and I went to the embassy 30 min. before the time of appointment.  As I went through security a few times, I ended up at the wrong place.  With some communication trouble, my colleagues and I  started meeting a bit later than appointment time.

I then went to Ueno for another event which had already started.  It was good I made sandwich brought it with me so that I could eat on the way (I ate at the station while walking!).  I arrived at the venue 20 min.after the first session (which I wanted to attend) began.

What made it even more complicated was that I had a draft which I had to send to my editor this evening.  Thus I worked on it while attending the interesting sessions.  (Many interesting ideas and take aways!)  I skipped one of the interactive session as I realized that I was missing the deadline.

I managed to send the draft and felt relieved to enjoy cocktail and dinner finally.  I saw quite a few friends whom I met at different places these several days!  It was interesting and inspiring.

On may way home, I received a few notes asking for the change of dates and for joining the panel.  Checking several appointments and jugging meetings, I think I am set for tonight.  It was a LONG day.. and is still Monday!

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