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DavosTokyo_10 Last night, we hosted Session 10 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series.  This was the last one for the year 2013 and the topic was “Big Data”.  We held the event for the first time at Google, thanks to the generosity of members of the company.  I believe it was the biggest group so far (many people seem to be interested in Google!) and the discussion was hot with excitement and high energy of people.

After my brief welcome, we moved to the main part of the program.  This time, we asked two participants who are experts in this area to start us off with  brief presentation.  It is because we want to make the series more participants-driven.

Then we broke out into seven small groups where members discussed either one of the two questions we raised–How to create value from Big Data?  Would data change the society?  After about 45 minutes of discussion, we asked each group to report back.

This time, we asked online participant to report back their discussion.  (It seems that the technical side worked OK this time.)  We would like to expand online part even more so that people who cannot come to the venue can participate. We will continue our effort.

At the end, I introduced the dates of upcoming events and the topic for January 10 session “What are the critical issues for the year 2014?”  We plan to pick several topics at the discussion on January 10 and proceed with them for the next several sessions.

As we started half an hour late than usual, we did not schedule official? networking session.  It was Friday in December at Roppongi Hills where so many people were out.  We have had some difficulty finding the place to drink/eat, but we managed.  By the time I came home after rush-hour like crowd at Shibuya, it was past midnight. Friday the 13th was gone!  Thanks everybody for participation.  Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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