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img_1721Last night, I went to the “Life Shift-100 year life launch event organised by Toyo Keizai. It has been a while since I saw Lynda Gratton, one of the authors of the book. She looked wonderful (I found out the reason later on!) We serve as members of the same Global Futures Council and have participated in teleconference several times in the recent weeks.
I liked her talk as it was clear and had simple message. I also like slides. Her comment I particularly liked was the combination of self knowledge and diverse experience.  I find myself focus only on “diverse” aspect without referring to the importance of “self knowledge.”

Panel discussion following her talk was also very interesting. I find Mrs. Akie Abe’s style very natural and honest, and remarks by Prof Yasuda (switching cost etc.) and Mr. Ikemi (physical move etc.) img_1722were good as they show specific actions we can take. The best comment I though was Lynda’s “I got married” as the activity triggered by the book. (No wonder she looked wonderful in gorgeous suits!)
It was a LONG and hectic day running around pressed for time, for me as I started early with board meeting, key note address at the symposium in between, and brief visit at dinner after the launch event.

I am glad that I went to the 100-year launch event, as I find it very inspiring and encouraging. Hope it will be written up soon.

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