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 I am at Sydney airport waiting for the flight back to Haneda after 1.5 day of CALF 2017. The first day began with early morning session at 7:30 where issues of intelligence was discussed. It was very interesting to hear what has happened during Obama and Trump administration regarding intelligence.(You can see the video below.)
Official program of the day 1 began with the opening remarks by the Minister for Foreign Affairs,  followed by the plenary panel. I then went to concurrent session on governance where the role of China was discussed.

After lunch on AI (which was interesting), the panel I participated began. The title was “Future of Work.” It was quite focused on the situation in Australia and I felt my remarks did not quite respond to the interest of the audience.
I left right after the panel to go to the airport and was able to catch earlier flight. Conference in new location (Canberra)  with new group of people turned out to be quite a challenge for me as I struggled to make relevant remarks. However, it was a good experience for me and I am grateful for the opportunity.

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