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 I read the book entitled “The Whole New Mind” (written by Daniel Pink and translated by Kenichi Ohmae) recently.  I had known of the book (in fact, it was several years ago that one of the participants of the seminar I gave was kind enough to send me the book, as I told him that I had not read it!)  but had never got around to read it until recently.

  I was amazed that many things that have been in my mind had been already pointed out by Daniel Pink in 2005!  I am embarassed that I am so behind.   At the same time, I was impressed with the foresight of Ken Ohmae who had translated this book into Japanese, AND was somewhat disappointed that little has been changed in the mindset of the people, to my knowledge. 

  I like the book as it is full of practical suggestions that we can try today(Part 2), in  addition to the description of the trend in the world and their implications (Part 1).  It is up to us whether we just read it or do something about it ourselves.  

  I also read the book “Road to Recovery” (in Japanese, unfortunately) published by Ken Ohmae recently.  In this book, he pointed out that each one of us needs to realize the fact that Japan has fallen behind other advanced economies over the past two decades and that each one of us has the ability to do something about it if we can change our mindset.  (He also discusses the recent series of disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problems.)  

   Reading these two books convinced me that our task is to do something so that many more people (in particular, young generation) become aware of the facts and take a step forward to explore their capability to full extent.

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