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トランプAs the US presidential election is under way in high gear, Donald Trump, real estate billionaire has become a nominee of the Republican Party against the conventional wisdom. I recall that “experts” of political landscape in the US were discounting Trump’s chance to become the nominee. In fact, they had over 10 people who ran, and one by one they discontinued their campaign, leaving Donald Trump as the single candidate.
Many “experts” (and some of my friends) argued that there is no chance for D. Trump to get enough votes as he has the characteristics such as billionaire, strong view about immigration, and claims and views not based upon facts. He changed his views so often as well and many thought that he would be perceived as very unreliable.
However, now he is the nominee of the Republican party and it looks that more and more Republican people have begun united behind him. It is surprising how some changed from the view that D. Trump does NOT represent any of the values and policies of the Republican party we saw a few months ago.
On the other hand, the Democratic primaries continued as Bernie Sanders has stayed capturing more votes than anybody expected. In fact, Hilary Clinton has NOT secured enough votes for the Democratic nomination yet with result of upcoming California primary being almost tied (according to some survey.)
Recently I heard “US experts” discuss the election and increasingly hear that there is a good chance that D. Trump may become the president of the US. Role of media and use of media is often described as one of the reasons for this unexpected development.
Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropMedia (particularly TV etc. ) follow D. Trump as he has strong view and expresses it almost every single day. He gets so much media exposure as people watch and media want him. (The other candidates had a hard time to squeeze in as D. Trump is almost too colorful and media goes for high ratings.) This cycle repeats and D. Trump gets even more exposure.
He also uses social media including twitter quite effectively too.
Now that there is a good possibility that D. Trump becomes the US president, the world political and economic landscape will change drastically. AND the media plays a significant role in the making.

tqe2it00000u4b3kOn June 2, we will discuss Freedom of Speech in Japan at GAS 2016 Special seminar #2 with Mr. Martin Fackler as our guest. I would be asking his view of the role of media in selecting/influencing the choice of leaders, by discussing the US media scene.
It is Thursday, June 2 and the session will be conducted in English.

As G7 summit was just finished in Ise Shima with world leaders and we had historic visit of Hiroshima by President Obama last week, it would be a great timing to discuss the role of media in the making of world leaders.  Why not join us!  Details and registration procedure, check this link.

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