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I went to mass at the nearby Catholic church this morning.  I have not gone to church for some time and the last time was here at Kauai in December, as I recall!  Suddenly, I remembered it was Sunday (already Monday in Japan) when I woke up and decided to go.  Easter is coming in a month and it was nice to be with many people who seem to be enjoying relaxed atmosphere.

Homily was good in that the reverend talked about the spiritual thirst today from that for water found in the reading today.  It reminded me of the discussion I had the other day at the reception. I often hear that the youth is not “hungry” any more and those who make this type of comment seem not happy about that tendency.  I often disagree with them in saying that the youth today is “hungry,”  but not for the type of things we were hungry for.  But they ARE hungry for something meaningful in life, and not necessarily the “life” with many things.

I was also happy that at the end of mass, the reverend called those who are having birthday this week and those with wedding anniversary up so that we can celebrate them and pray for them.  He then called all the kids there and visitors in the same way.  We sang “Happy birthday” for those who are having birthdays and I sang for my late mother, as her birthday is coming up soon.  I thought it was such a nice gesture to celebrate happy occasions with people and welcome kids and visitors.  It was hospitality, Kauai style…

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