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IMG_9741FullSizeRender (32)Third day in California and it is sunny, but cool and windy Saturday in LA. When I went outside, I felt great as it is so sunny and dry, typical of Sothern California.
Though I slept well on the plane and on the first day after I got here, I stayed up very late the second night, reading the book (very interesting one in Japanese) until 3:00 a.m. Now after 2 days, it almost felt that my busy days right before I left Tokyo finally caught up with me and all of a sudden I felt so tired –physically and mentally.
The hotel hosted a big conference for high school students (Model United Nations as shown in photo)  and their high energy I found at the lobby and conference rooms was overwhelming (encouraging too.) Sheer number of young people overwhelmed Starbucks at the hotel and many items were sold out.
I decided to swim at the nice outdoor pool and it was refreshing (a bit cool when you get out of water.)
My friend (in Tesla!) picked me in the evening and we went to the nice restaurant on the beach in Santa Monica. I do not know LA area well AND do not want to drive much here, thus my activities were somewhat limited.
The restaurant (at the nice hotel on the beach) served great food and we had nice chat. It was a nice way to spend Friday evening.
This morning (Saturday)  I followed my routine of workout at the gym, packing and checking out. As my flight to Palm Springs is not until evening, I am getting a bit bored—I did some reading in the hotel lobby and now at the airport. It will be another hour or so before the flight takes off.
Then my real vacation starts –a week in the condominium, rental car, getting together with friends from British Columbia and in more summery weather, I hope!

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