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IMG_9387As I wrote yesterday, I have taken a position of business advisor for Philharmonic Chorus on Tokyo (Toukon).  Now we have a video by Dai Fujikura, new “resident artist” explaining the background of taking up this position and involving me in the process, together with the video by Kazuki, Music Director of Toukon explaining what he pursues in the new phase of Toukon’s history.   The first video was shown at the press conference yesterday, so I would like to share.

I have known Dai for about two years since we first had him as our guest for Global Agenda Seminar series at Roppongi Academy Hills in 2014 and later had him with two artists playing his pieces at Davos Experience in Tokyo series last year.  I knew little about contemporary music, but have been convinced that it needs to be more widely known and to become accessible to many more people.  At the two workshops I hosted, we tried to generate many ideas for that purpose.  I have also written about his activities often on my blog.    I got to know Kazuki san more recently (though I knew of him for some time).   Dai invited me to join this fantastic collaborative effort as he heard my wish of becoming a producer!  He asked me whether I would be interested in collaborating with him and Kazuki for Toukon in its new phase of activities.  (I have shared my “wish” in my book and my talk several times.)

As I am one of those have difficulty passing up the opportunity for trying something new, and in particular such great opportunity to collaborate with Dai Fujikur and Kazuki Yamada, two young upcoming artists of the world class, I said Yes and here I am as business advisor.   Video Dai sent for the press conference yesterday touched upon our encounter, so here it is.

Kazuki also shares his vision of new Toukon in this video.   Please enjoy!

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