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Today, March 17, is St. Patrick’s day.  When I was in Boston, it was such a big deal and I made sure that I wore something green that day and drank a lot of green beer!   As I recall, I do not know too many Irish people, but St. Patrick’s day seems to be an important day not only for Irish people, but others as well.

I believe there is a big parade in New York City and Irish pub  will be packed everywhere. (I recall that there was one near the hotel I used to stay often. )

I also remember the incident many years ago when I worked as assistant to the group of Japanese executives in New York City.  One of them had a name Ohara.  When I came back to the hotel to see whether the group was back or not,  the manager at the front office said  “Your Irish friend is not back yet.” and winked.  It made me smile and I felt that a light sense of humor goes a long way to make you feel at home.

It is too bad that my name does not sound anything like Irish, French or Italian!

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