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On Friday, April 12, we hosted GAS 2013 Trial Seminar at Roppongi Academy Hills.  We are now recruiting the applicants for the Global Agenda Seminar 2013 which  will start in June for six months.  This trial seminar was an attempt for people who may be interested in GAS 2013 to have an opportunity to ask questions about the seminar and to “experience” how GAS 2013 is run themselves.  You can watch  ustream of the event here.

After the general overview of the GAS series by Ms. Shimizu of the Academy Hills, who is in charge of the series,  I ran some 50 minute session in English.  I began with questions for the participants to find out why they registered for the Trial  seminar (including that they had no better alternative!) and what they expect to get from the seminar.

I then asked them what news/events have caught their attention lately, went on to discuss information source and the use of a variety of new media.  It was my attempt (on the spot) to introduce Mr. Yo Makino, our first guest lecturer of the GAS series, as Makino san has had extensive experience  in media both in and out of Japan.

I then asked the participants whether they believe the sale pitch of GAS 2013 “Be a global leader in 180 days!” or not.   Interesting discussion followed with Q & A from the floor.

Reviewing the responses to the survey done that night, I am encouraged as quite a few participants are interested in applying for GAS 2013.  As I talked at the AGOS seminar last night, I often find people who get motivated and feel encouraged to try something new at the seminar end up NOT applying or trying something new, after several days. The key is “Do it then” and NOT “wait”.  I hope many people start drafting the entry sheet now!

I hope you can get the feel for the GAS 2013 seminar and have the glimpse of how I run the seminar.  I hope to see many of you in June!

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