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 It is now 1:00 a.m. local time in Dubai on December 1.  In total, I will have been in Dubai for 46 hours or so, as I arrived yesterday morning at 5:00 a.m. local time. It has been very hectic two days as I was busy reviewing edited version of draft for my speech, article that has been sent based upon the interview I had about 3 weeks ago, reviewing the heading of another article during the first few hours after I arrived in Dubai, while listening to the overview of the Summit on the Global Agenda. (It requires concentration to review English and to listen to the speech in English which is quite conceptual!) 

  Yesterday afternoon, we had brainstorming session for the Skills and Talent Mobility Council I belong to.  It was a good session with productive result which made me happy.  The official opening ceremony began in the late afternoon, followed by the gala dinner at the garden next to the tallest building in the world.  It was quite magnificent scene with fabulous water fountain.  I sat with friends from Design Council and had a wonderful time. 

  This morning started with the breakfast meeting with Japan Council group. After the quick review with my own Council, I went to Competitiveness, Emerging Multinational Corporatation and Benchmarking Progress Councils to explain the status of our Council and to explore the possibility of collaboration.  It was good experience for me to explain our Council’s activity briefly and to ask for the areas where we might collaborate.  As I had participated in the virtual conference with the Competitiveness council and they had some people that I know quite well, we were able to find many areas we could collaborate. I felt  good about the discussion. 

  We then had lunch out in the terrace (it is quite hot and you can almost get sun burn!), met with people about the research possibility and project, followed by more meeting with various people.  As there are some 700 people participating in the Summit on the Global Agenda, almost anybody you end up talking with (such as those you happen to share the table at lunch) is very interesting.   

   In the evening, we had BBC Debate with Nick Gowing. The topic was resource scarcity and the debate was very interesting.  The day ended with the dinner with the Japan council members. It has been a long day and required a lot of thinking and talking at the same time.  Naturally it was quite exhausting, but good 46 hours with many insights and things to think about.

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