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flyer-davos-6On Friday, July 26, we will host the session No. 6 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series.  The topic this time is “How do you assess the attractiveness of the region  for investment?”   We want to discuss/debate how we go about selecting the region for investment for our limited resources and why.  Specifically, we discuss the choice between Africa & ASEAN.

The two regions–Africa & ASEAN–have been on the “list” for many Japanese organizations (private sector and public sector alike) for investment and infrastructure support. I went to Africa last year for the African Forum (so I feel much closer to the region!) and have seen the interest for African growth at different conferences including the fifth TICAD held in Yokohama in June this year.  ASEAN including Myanmar has been perceived as the region for growth, due to demographics and natural resources as well as the need for capacity building and infrastructure buildup.

This time, we will have CEMS students who have spent several months at KMD with us at the session. Some of  them have had internship & other experiences in developing economies and they have worked on the business expansion project for Japanese companies lately.  They will have some suggestions as to the criteria and the actual process of selecting the country/region and convincing the management of their choice.

We are also involving people in Africa and in ASEAN countries through virtual arrangement, so that we get their expertise and knowledge of the regions first hand. In a way, this is what I have been trying to do over the past few years–providing the opportunity to discuss-and hopefully, take some actions as the result- the issues as our own in real & virtual space.

For details and registration, please follow this link. You have to go through two steps to get to the registration site in English, and please do so!  We are very much looking forward to having many of you with us, either real or virtual.

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