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dex43groupAs the year 2016 comes to close, we are reminded of how the year 2016 can be remembered as the end of the era and/or beginning of the new era. One topic that describes the year is “fake news” and “post-truth.”
We are struggling with not only the enormous amount of information we can access through Internet, but also the quality of the information distributed through social media.
One thing that is certain, in my mind, is that we need to develop capabilities to judge the quality of information, no matter how difficult it may be and that we need to have our own strategy to deal with the information.
To discuss these issues, we will host session #44 of Davos Experience in Tokyo on Friday, January 27. Our guest who will fire start our aibeiaiaaabdcm_b9oyenkalacildmnhcmrfcghvdg8qkdjkmjdlztm5m2e1nmmymme5zwjmmwy4zwjkywe1mtgwyje5nde0m2mwarzo-rrcua5hjj9qymjjrriufmpddiscussion will be Dr. Florian Kohlbacher Director of the Economist Corporate Network.  Come join us to discuss the role of media and how we can develop our own policy/strategy to deal with the information we can access. For details and registration, go to our website.

Below is the short slide show of our session on Sharing Economy.  Please take a look. You can get the feel for the event.. I start the session welcoming people, followed by presentation by airbnb staff and hosts, breakout sessions and report back by the participants.  Enjoy!


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