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#15 of DET (Davos Experience in Tokyo) series is scheduled for this Friday, May 30 as previously announced. We will discuss option for people who have job to pursue “social intrapreneurship”.
Blue Wing of ANA is the project developed 4 years ago by A.Fukabori during the Global Agenda Seminar Series. He refined and modified his concept of achieving Win-Win for the change agents and the airline over the four years.
He finally received corporate Go for the experiment. And the deadline is coming close (July 31!)
We will hear from Akira what it has been like to be a social intrapreneur.

We want to generate ideas to support his initiative, many good ideas to achieve the goal before the deadline comes, so that the project will remain afloat. For details and registration, check our website.
We have changed the format a bit in that it starts at 7:30 pm instead of 7:00, informal networking event at the same venue etc. So please register and join us. I will be waiting for you.

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