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Session #14 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series will be held a week from today on Friday, April 18.  Topic for this session is “Role of currency, prospects of Bit Coin.”  Bit coin attracted a lot of attention a few weeks ago throughout the world, and since then, it  has somewhat settled.

Some call Bit coin a virtual currency.  When many things go virtual, will our currency do so as well?  Do we have any other virtual currencies than Bit Coin?  Does technological mechanism behind Bit Coin open up new possibilities for financial transactions, in particular, in the developing world where people have access to mobile phone, but not necessarily banks? Many such questions emerge to be discussed.

We also want to discuss role of currency in general.  As currency may reflect the competitiveness of the country, will it continue its significance, now that international financial market has become so heavily dependent upon technology.

In what currency will we accumulate our wealth?  Does it make a difference which currency we pick?     Many of us may not be familiar with these topics, but they are quite important now that we as individuals have responsibility to manage our wealth creation.

Why not join us on Friday, April 18 and ask these questions to the guest speaker we will have and share our concerns, solutions?  If you register through our website, you will receive some reference materials you can read to get basic knowledge about virtual currency and the debate around it.  If you are not able to come to the venue on Friday, you can watch our session via lives tream  by registering at the site.  Looking forward to having you.

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