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After over 8 hour flight from Haneda, our flight touched down at Vancouver airport on the same day, Monday, June 30. The weather is gorgeous with crisp air and blue sky. (I seem to have brought nice weather as I hear the weather last weekend was bad.)

I had a bit of trouble at the rental car place, as the agent could not find my reservation. I negotiated with them, and she finally found my reservation. (It could have been a disaster as there were no cars available for Canada Day and Fourth of July week!)

We often come across with this type of trouble when we travel, and need some patience and negotiation skills to get what we want.

After I checked in at the hotel in downtown and some exercise at the fitness center, I walked about and had dinner at seafood place. With beer and two glasses of wine, I was flying! The first day in Vancouver marked a good start of the summer!

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