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 As April, the first month of the academic/fiscal year started, many of you may have started the new job, new location, new department,  new school etc. Even though you stay on the same job at the same company, it is a good time to renew yourself by developing new skills. Why not join us to make technology our friends at Google on Friday, April 21, at session #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.
Our guest is Tatuso Yoshihara, media designer, who would help us how we can learn Google tools and use them for our  every day life. We have tried similar session at Global Agenda Seminar Reunion (photo below), which was well received. As we have some request for you to fill BEFORE you register for the session, be sure to visit our site.
By the way, the blog post entitled “Dubai possibilities in Sapporo” on April 1 is April Fool Joke. We will continue “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series as in the past. I am a bit surprised as quite a few people seem to believe that blog post. Even though Dubai is an exciting place, we will stick to Tokyo and Davos for the time being. Join us on Friday, April 21. (Featured photo is of the session on March 24 at Dow Chemical…)
 I will be announcing the date for Yoko’s bar for those who came to the session more than 5 times AND will reach out to people who are frequent participants for the potential Advanced session. So stay tuned…

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