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As reported right after the session, we hosted #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo,focusing on tools such as Google photo, You tube and Goole slides. Tatsuo Yoshiwara explained how to use tools, store on cloud and collaborate in groups.  Participants concentrated on listening to him, and tried individually.  After that, we broke them into small groups with the task of preparing slide file to promote Davos… series, using the photo and video they took there. Though we were not allowed to record the session there, you can get the sense of it from the following two video clips.  I have asked participants to use the tools (You tube)  and share their experiences there. Here is the short video of the two. First one is by Ana who came for the first time, and the second one is with my introduction and some photos of the session with brief interview at the end.

In the first video, Ana said that the next session is today, April 26, but it is Global Agenda Seminar Trial session that is held today.  Our next Davos.. in Tokyo session is on Friday, May 26.

The site is open as I announced the other day, It is now fixed and you can register for the session #48  May 26. If you have any questions, concerns, please let us know.  Hope to see you at the end of May.

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