Global Debate finished…(KMD Forun 2013 No.1)

globaldebateyiWe finished Global Debate, one of the special sessions at KMD Forum 2013 this morning.  I was asked to organize some event in the morning at Fujiwara Hall (which can accommodate hundreds of people) such as panel discussion on global leadership.  I did NOT want to do another panel on global leadership (I have done so many in the past few years and have been rather discouraged by the lack of action, i.e. No Action Talk Only syndrome!), and tried to find something more fun requiring action.

So we came up with the idea of Global Debate.  The idea made my  students extremely busy over the past few weeks as they had to do debate  in addition to the regular demonstration (i.e. ideaslab workshop for us).   They worked so hard over the past week or so.

We began the day early for rehearsal and it was quite nerve wrecking as many things did not quite function and we were racing against time.  But we managed to do fine.  We had quite a few people both real and virtual, and participation by the audience  both real and virtual was lively and active.

As I talked both in Japanese and English, trying to do both real and virtual, it was quite confusing sometimes.  But it was fun!  Though it was a LONG day, it was very valuable experience  for me.  I hope those who participated got something out of the experience.

I will write about the other events such as networking lunch, ideaslab style workshop as well as very interesting series of speakers by Prof. Inami later.  So stay tuned.

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BennieMarch 2nd, 2013 at 9:22 pm

Thanks a lot for your time and hard work again.

I’ve been really interested in TFT since I read the book.

Today’s forum made my idea more specific and I’m looking
forward to the next, but before that, please take some time to rest.

yishikuraMarch 4th, 2013 at 10:06 am

Bennie san, thanks for your comment & kind words. Please keep watching our activity, particularly for TFT.

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