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IMG_966613115518_1050263475046902_15729368_nRegistration is now open for the next session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. It will be held on Friday, May 27 at Wilson Learning Worldwide. We will address the issue of declining population/severe ageing in local areas of Japan for the first time.

We have heard often of local towns disappearing due to ageing. Many of us may feel rather sad about it but may not know what to do ourselves.
Our guests from Nanmoku University will share their stories about the place where young people can learn the reality of local towns (rather than just hear about it and feel sad) and develop capability and skills to revive local towns. Hearing their stories may give you the idea of new life style in local town where you can be close to nature.

Join us to find out what has motivated our guests to initiate this project and find out what we can do. You may find out that there are other lifestyles than staying in the big cities like Tokyo. Here is the link.

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