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Today, we started the workshop at 7:30 a.m. and covered activities of various councils –recruiting, institute, and knowledge generation–, following the panel yesterday by impact and curriculum.  It is quite impressive to see how far our group has come.

When I attended the workshop for the first time seven years ago, there were some 30 or so of us who were dedicated to the course, new concept and worked hard to get the course going at respective schools.  Now we are over 80 schools throughout the world and there are over 80 participants for the workshop, we are in the position to expand/deepen in many different ways. Since last year, we have five councils in place–as above, and the leadership committee and governance structure all in place.  I feel that the scale really makes a difference and we are at the point that we can expand our activities and visibility to a different level.

The discussion on topics such as institute and knowledge creation was very lively.  We also had a session with the organizations such as TCI, World Bank etc. which seem to be doing the related activities to explore the area of collaboration.  It was quite useful to hear their activities.

MEPYoko At the end, we had a session by M. Porter on the new concept he is now proposing. (I heard the lecture last week on the same topic at ICS and at Porter Prize ceremony.  It is VERY interesting and exciting as what I have proposed in my book Strategic Shift in Japanese has several ideas similar to what he is proposing. )   I am amazed at the passion and never-ending intellectual curiosity that Prof. Michael Porter has shown over the past several decades since I met him for the first time at HBS.   I am very fortunate to be around this type of person, as his student at HBS–he was my doctoral dissertation chair and now as a member of his network –teaching Competitiveness course and working on competitiveness and social issues.

Two days at HBS feels like two weeks as it was so intense.  I am now back in NYC, all of a sudden, feeling a bit tired. It has been such an inspiring and stimulating two days.

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