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Souta Fujii, 14 years old, won 6 games during the unofficial series of 7 games.  He was just promoted to be 4-Dan, the rank that is professional ranking.  It is quite amazing that 14-year-old has become 4 Dan, i.e. professional and there have been quite a few write-ups about him.  Few days ago, he won the last of 7-game series, against Yoshiharu Habu, who has three titles right now. Habu is known to be the best Shogi player now and has won so many titles.  He is now in mid 40s and has several rivals around the same age, which helped the cohort to stay competitive and stimulating each other.

I used to follow title matches of Shogi, but lately have not followed it closely.  So the news of Souta Fujii becoming professional at the age of 14 AND won 6 games out of 7 against strong pros, some of whom have won a few titles has raised my interest again for Shogi.

The news that he won the game over Habu was reported extensively.  It was NOT the official match, but game is game where there is a winner and a loser.  It is exciting to see young and upcoming stars in any field and Shogi is going to be the one which attracts so much attention, now.  Let us stay tuned.

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